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Bury Court Opera (Hampshire, UK)

Directed by Greg Eldridge

Conducted by Dane Lam

Set and Costume Design by Elliott Squire

Lighting Design by Prema Mehta

Scenic Art by Richard Nutbourne Scenic Studio

Photography by Simon John

"Despite the limitations of the barn at Bury Court, the ingenuity of director Greg Eldridge and designer Elliott Squire has developed a piece of music theatre that grips and delights for the entire evening...And a word of praise for designer Elliott Squire who dressed Cleopatra in a succession of stunning dresses with perhaps a homage to Elizabeth Taylor in the finale...There was a clever set with huge ‘stone’ blocks (light enough to be lifted by a single chorus member) that conjured up the look of the pyramids and the action never flagged."

-Owen Davies, Plays To See 


"...Marie Lys shimmered in the role, not just in her resplendent costumes..."

-Mark Valencia, Whats On Stage

"Elliott Squire's set was a fixed structure evoking a series of sandstone terraces, with the orchestra in pit upstage right thus bringing the acting area close to the audience and ensuring a very intimate experience. Within this timeless structure, the style of the production was eclectic, the Romans were firmly in the 1950s with military uniforms for the men and a stylish dove-grey number for Cornelia's first appearance. The Egyptians...colourful, punk-ish and with plentiful tattoos, creating a striking visual contrast between the two groups and keeping the opera's concern with the otherness of the Egyptians."

-Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

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